It’s A Squirrel’s Life Board Game

Classic Version

Your winning tools include 4 vivid, distinctive looking squirrel game pieces, 3 kinds of two-colored, cardboard food pieces, 2 specially-made squirrel dice, 26 colorful tail rings, and 25 tongue-in-cheek Squirrel Destiny Cards©. Both children and adults will enjoy many hours of fun and entertainment, and kids can even develop important social, math and negotiation skills that will benefit both their personal and professional lives for years to come.
It's A Squirrel's Life™ Board Game
Classic Version

1 Game Board; 4 Squirrel Tokens; Tail Rings (6 yellow, 10 green, 10 pink); 49 Acorns; 49 Strawberries; 49 Pumpkins; 4 Player Trays; 25 Squirrel Destiny Cards©; 1 pair of Squirrel Dice

Other Notes
Players: 2 to 4
Ages: 8+
Play Time: 30 – 60 minutes
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