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Inspired by Randy Hecht's experience of rescuing an orphaned tree squirrel named "Roxy," this is the first game that simulates the life of the furry critter from nest born, to adulthood, and ultimately parenthood. Share Randy's passion of animal activism by participating in our Kickstarter campaign, enjoy early access to a Limited Edition version, and we will donate a percentage of our profit to local animal charities.

Play, forage or duel with your fellow squirrels. Once out of the nest and free, prepare to harvest fruits, nuts, nests and babies, and negotiate your way to be the first to win!

It's A Squirrel's LifeTM board game is in production and will be ready for pre-order in April 2017. Simply sign up for our mailing list here (or on top right hand corner of our page) and we will notify you of exclusive, early access offers only available to our Kickstarter backers.